09 Jul

Entry Requirements:

  • From the age of 15 to 18
  • Average performance over the past 3 years must be "good" or higher (GPA from B or 7.0/10)
  • ELTiS score from 222+ points
  • Pass interviews in English
  • Program Fees: US$10,900 (included Health Insurance)

Admission Process AYP:

  1. School Record/ ELTIS TEST, English Interview.
  2. Announcement pass the test
  3. Application/ Dossier will be sent. And the student pays the Deposit - 50% program fee -> The transfer should be made to Nacel US or Nacel Vietnam.
    • Check all question in Dossier
    • Immunization Report (Polio dose, Tdap, and 7 dose remain)
    • Don’t check in payment extra-school fee
  4. Receive Letter of Acceptance, Invoice, Supporting Letter from Nacel US
  5. Check Confirmation of DS-2019
  6. DS-2019, Letter for preparing Visa J-1 will be mailed to Vietnam
  7. Orientation for students/ explain detail for student
  8. Apply for Visa J-1
  9. Receiving information about Host Family (Host Family Match Sheet)
  10. Go to the interview and receive U.S. visa
  11. Pay 50% the remaining program fee
  12. Departure
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